Stranger Things Netflix 4K to Blu-ray Comparison

Posted: Oct. 18, 2017
While it is a subjective apples to oranges comparison due to resolution, bitrate and codec, the following screenshots show that, at least from an encoding and compression standpoint, the Blu-ray can look better than Netflix's 4K stream.

One can see that the Netflix 4K stream does show more compression as well as some odd coloration (on Hopper's cheek in the first image, and on the door in the second image), and that the Blu-ray preserves finer detail. Of course this is just one scene, and further comparisons could be made - but I will say that the Blu-ray picture quality is nearly flawless and absolutely pristine, having a perfect amount of grain and being virtually free of encoding/compression artifacts.

Below screenshots are lossless PNG files, and can be viewed at full size by right clicking and selecting View Image.

Image 1, Netflix 4K Stream

Image 1, Blu-ray

Image 2, Netflix 4K Stream

Image 2, Blu-ray

Image 3, Netflix 4K Stream

Image 3, Blu-ray

Image 4, Netflix 4K Stream

Image 4, Blu-ray