Twilight Time Site Archive Download

Posted: Jul. 9, 2020
I've been corresponding with Twilight Time since May 29th in an effort to have them release all of their Blu-ray cover artwork. I would have loved to see them release all their booklets as well. I approached the effort sincerely and from every angle - tribute, preservation, and offering to do all the work for them.

In the end, they reactivated all the product pages that were already on their website, and then made them publicly listed when I pointed out that they weren't. While many of TT's releases are on the site, 49 releases are missing. And of the releases that are on the site, 109 of them don't have "high res" artwork (by TT's definition of "high res"). Also, not all of them have the complete set of front, back, and booklet front art.

While the outcome was not what I was hoping for - surely all of TT's artwork is sitting on a hard drive somewhere, just waiting to be lost forever instead of being preserved - I created one big zip file of TT's site as a convenient download for those interested. Please don't everyone download this at once, it's not going anywhere!

Included in this zip, as they currently appear on the site:
- 333 product pages and 974 images
- 831 news pages and 1,585 images
- 90 non-TT product pages and 174 images

The pages are saved as basic HTML only for the content - once TT's site goes down, they will lose their formatting. Product reviews are not included since those get loaded by JavaScript.

If you would be willing to show your support and express your thanks for these assets, such as they are, and to indicate interest in further efforts to petition TT to preserve their art assets, please submit your information in the form below. No submitted information will be publicly displayed. I'd like to be able to show TT that there is in fact interest in preserving these assets. Their last message (relayed through a third party) was disappointing, as they don't seem to understand that my goal all along has been to celebrate what TT accomplished: "As it is, we have spent several hours making what we have available, mostly at your request. We have no plans to make anything else available at this time."

Click here to download (900 MB).

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